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Safe and secure communities

Young people from the Choose Your Future campaign
People who know, support and respect each other are part of stronger and safer communities.

The challenge

Antisocial behaviour covers a range of issues, from fly-tipping and noise pollution to serious public disorder offences. It can cause distress and affect how safe people feel in their neighbourhoods.

The immediate aftermath of the EU referendum saw a rise in hate crime and many communities are still concerned. Violent crime, particularly knife crime, grabs headlines and destroys lives. While we’ve had the largest fall in violent crime in London per capita we must still do more. And we know that some experiences, such as witnessing domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse, make violent crime more likely.

Many crimes, such as child criminal and sexual exploitation, slavery, domestic violence and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), remain hidden and underreported. Police budgets, like council budgets, have been cut over recent years and the borough now forms part of a much larger three borough team with 1,400 officers.


What we’ve done so far

  1. Through our ‘Don’t Mess with Croydon – Take Pride’ campaign we’ve successfully prosecuted over 225 people for littering and fly-tipping offences and seized over 35 vehicles suspected of being used to dump litter. We now have almost 400 street champions organising clean ups across the borough.
  2. We’ve invested in Croydon’s new Legacy Youth Zone and a youth bus to engage with young people. Our Choose Your Future campaign and Young Mayor elections have given young people more of a voice on the issues that matter to them.
  3. A specialist social worker leading on our preventative work against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) started this August. In the past two years Croydon received 122 referrals concerned with FGM.
  4. Our Violence Reduction Network, one of the first of its kind in the capital, treats violence as a public health issue. Bringing partners together to focus on early help and preventative care tackles the causes of violent crime, including domestic abuse, modern-day slavery and violent extremism, as well as gun and knife crime.
  5. We launched our hate crime pledge at Croydon PrideFest this summer, encouraging residents and businesses to take a stand and report these crimes. 7,000 people have signed up to date.
  6. Our groundbreaking work identifying the link between domestic violence and violent extremism has been recognised by the Home Office. The Prevent team and Family Justice Centre work together closely to identify vulnerable people early, help protect them and their friends and families from abuse and radicalisation.
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