Making it easier for you to see your GP

In Croydon seeing a GP is now easier.

In my role as Chairman of NHS Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, I’ve seen first-hand how important it is that we work in partnership across the NHS, with Croydon Council and the voluntary sector to improve local health and care services and to give people the chance to take ownership of their own health. This kind of education is invaluable, as once you can take better care of yourself, you inevitably become a happier and more fulfilled person. Simply talking about the challenges you’re facing, supporting others and helping each other on your way makes people happier and reduces the need

Creating a sustainable Croydon

Sean Roy Parker and Turf Project clean up

We have faced up to the climate emergency to protect future generations. Sustainability is the starting point for everything we do. Sustainability needs to flow through all our decisions if we are to meet the needs of the present without making it harder for future generations to do the same. That’s why you see sustainability come up in each of our themes. Here we highlight the environmental challenge. The challenge We are facing a climate emergency and everyone must play their part to tackle this crisis. We know that air pollution is a significant problem, leading to many long-term health

Jobs and the economy

Surrey Street

We need to be ready with the skills and infrastructure to power a successful local economy The challenge Economic uncertainty and continued austerity in the UK and changing retail habits mean that high streets across the country are struggling. Croydon has lots of 1960s office blocks but businesses leave or don’t choose to come here because the space available is old fashioned and unsuitable. Croydon has fantastic public transport connections, however the bottleneck on the mainline at East Croydon train station resulting in daily delays due to congestion and overcrowding. Lower numbers of employment result in several negative outcomes, such