Tackling the climate crisis together

Photo: leader of the council, Cllr Tony Newman and Chair of the Climate Crisis Commission, Miatta Fahnbulleh   Last year, along with other cities and towns, Croydon declared a climate emergency. This was an important step in terms of officially recognising the critical situation we are in – not just in Croydon but across the globe. As leader of the council it is important to me that we respond not just with words, but with actions, and that’s what we are doing. Over 70 people, representative of our borough, have been taking part in our first ever citizens’ assembly, giving

Peddle for a sustainable future

  My company, Peddle My Wheels, was formed in 2012. From the outset I wanted to show that a business could be financially stable whilst always adhering to sustainable and ethical practices. The primary focus of Peddle My Wheels is to help get people cycling by providing affordable, easy to access bicycles of all types, and to support the person with cycle training to increase confidence and safety when cycling on the roads. We do this by running schemes such as our secondhand bike markets and our Try Before You Bike scheme. Bike markets: we run the bike markets in

We’re listening – join in the conversation

Councillor Tony Newman

Things will look very different in ten years’ time – globally, nationally and right here in Croydon. Of course, change brings both exciting opportunities and new challenges for all of us and we want your views to shape our future.

Creating a sustainable Croydon

Sean Roy Parker and Turf Project clean up

We have faced up to the climate emergency to protect future generations. Sustainability is the starting point for everything we do. Sustainability needs to flow through all our decisions if we are to meet the needs of the present without making it harder for future generations to do the same. That’s why you see sustainability come up in each of our themes. Here we highlight the environmental challenge. The challenge We are facing a climate emergency and everyone must play their part to tackle this crisis. We know that air pollution is a significant problem, leading to many long-term health