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My company, Peddle My Wheels, was formed in 2012. From the outset I wanted to show that a business could be financially stable whilst always adhering to sustainable and ethical practices.

The primary focus of Peddle My Wheels is to help get people cycling by providing affordable, easy to access bicycles of all types, and to support the person with cycle training to increase confidence and safety when cycling on the roads. We do this by running schemes such as our secondhand bike markets and our Try Before You Bike scheme.

Bike markets: we run the bike markets in schools and public spaces throughout Croydon. They give people the opportunity to bring along any outgrown, unwanted bikes which we service and sell on their behalf. As well as rewarding the person selling the bike, this creates a decent stock of affordable, safe bikes for others in the community.

Try Before You Bike: this is a pay monthly scheme which allows you to order a new bike online and pay for it monthly until such time as you own it or, if you decide that cycling is not for you, just cancel the monthly payment and return it any time. All returned bikes go back into the scheme as a cheaper, nearly new bike for someone else to try.

You can include any accessories, insurance, maintenance and we offer a wide range of bikes from road to folding, electric cargo bikes to mountain bikes. We also give a free cycling training session with delivery of the bike to make sure you are confident to ride it. This will be coming to Croydon early 2020 and is open to anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough.

Croydon is just one of several councils we work with in London. It has its unique challenges for cycling – a large borough, hilly as you get further out of the borough towards Surrey and a car centric culture, but it was identified by Transport for London as having the greatest growth potential for cycling in London – working with the council transport team we intend to make sure that Croydon achieves that potential.


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Alper Muduroglu

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