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Croydon Works was set-up in 2016 to make sure Croydon residents can benefit from the jobs created in the borough, and to help local businesses find local talent. Delivered by Croydon Council in partnership with CALAT, Croydon College and DWP, our service is completely free to residents and businesses.

With one of the biggest regeneration programmes seen in the UK, Croydon is undergoing major transformation. This is great news for Croydonians as it brings a whole host of opportunities. It’s not enough to make sure Croydon residents can apply for these jobs, we also need to make sure they have the right skills to be successful.

With all the great work already going on in Croydon to support people with jobs and skills, there was a need for a service that could broker relationships between employers and organisations, to ensure everyone benefitted. Croydon Works takes on this brokerage role – supporting residents with a range of barriers to the workplace, from ex-offenders to those with health issues.

If you are a business we offer a free, professional, bespoke recruitment service aimed at helping you recruit local talent. With a database of over 3,000 pre-screened candidates and access to a range of referral partners in Croydon, we are your one-stop shop for recruitment of employees, apprentices and trainees. We specialise in entry to mid-level positions across a range of sectors with a specialism in retail/ customer service, administration, construction, hospitality, warehouse/ logistics and tech/ digital.

For candidates we offer a complete support service regardless of where you are in your journey towards work. We have specialist officers on site who can support with careers advice, applications, interview prep and job applications. Not to mention access to jobs with over 200 hundred employers. We also offer free industry specific training to help kick start your career in the industry you want, including security, construction, customer service and driving.

In the past three years we have supported 1100+ people from all walks of life in to work and have delivered training to over 400 residents across numerous sectors.

Of every five people we register, one gets an interview, and for every two people who are interviewed, one gets a job. We also try to make sure people stay in work which is why over 70% of people we place stay in work over six months. We have registered a total of 3266 people and supported 400+ business of all sizes with recruitment and training.

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