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The Lions Society


We are the Lions Society…. Simply five ordinary men, who have made a conscious decision to come together and try to impact our community in the best possible way.

Through our own struggles, challenges, and different experiences faced as youths and young men growing up, we believe the Lions have something valuable to give back to today’s young people.

Here are some of the ways we’re giving back currently.

The Lions barbering academy is situated at Legacy Youth Zone on Monday evenings. The youths come along and can acquire free haircuts if they wish, or they can partake in one of our motivational workshops. We tackle social issues such as gang awareness, bullying, grooming and much more.

We are also at the Samuel Coleridge Taylor Centre based in South Norwood on Friday evenings where we run a youth centre. We work with the more mature youths called ‘the ambassadors’ and strive to instil in them the attributes of a leader (integrity, honesty, good communication, accountability and vision) and with this become a better version of self and an example to their peers. They also assist us to look after the younger children and help them to establish good manners, love, respect , kindness and compassion towards one another.

‘Daddy Do Care’, created specifically for fathers and sons or those male role models of influence within a young boy’s life, runs every Saturday afternoon. We’ve created a safe, fun, interactive environment for fathers and sons to build their relationships and to also partake in our workshops. Currently we offer guidance, support and, of course, encouragement to fathers and sons alike.

Our Outreach programme has been and is an important and significant part of the Lions’ vision . We travel once or twice a week into ‘Hot Spot Areas’( where gang violence is prominent) and try to converse with some of the youths involved in crime. This is the core of what’s known as ‘grass roots’ … it’s getting to the nitty gritty so to speak and confronting the issues directly with those concerned. Our aim is to encourage, promote peace and show these youths a better, more productive way of living that will benefit them and wider society.

We are in the business of changing lives or at best helping to make change.

Previous projects include S.K.O.F (stop killing our future) – aiming to make our community aware of the mass implications of gun and knife crime, and how important parents roles are in the upbringing within there children’s lives.

The Lions have also offered free haircuts at a World Mental Health Day event and the Cut It Out tournament held at the Crystal Palace Football Club grounds, as well as speaking at the Streatham Job Fair.

And we continue to organise the ‘Community Peace Cup’ – a family day of football matches, track and field races, face painting, artists performing and of course plenty of food at Coydon sports arena.

We firmly believe ‘What you put in you get back out.’ We are committed and passionate about impacting, empowering and edifying today’s generation and in turn we believe these young people will be tomorrow’s success stories.

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