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Brick By Brick is a developer built for Croydon.  Established by Croydon Council, we’re building hundreds of new, high-quality homes each year.  We’re building them across the borough, and sending the proceeds back to Croydon Council to invest in public services.  It’s a new way for boroughs like ours to deliver the housing local people need, while putting the profits to work for the local population.

Brick By Brick started trading in 2016, and our focus is to provide as many well-designed new homes for the people as Croydon as quickly as possible, with the highest proportion of affordable homes as possible.  We are currently building new homes on 24 sites, many of which replace disused garages, with another 20 or due to start next year. Nearly 100 homes have been launched for sale, including shared ownership and Help to Buy, and several affordable rent units have already been allocated to those on the council waiting list, with more to come.

Our focus on design

We want to make places to live that people are proud to call home and we choose to work with architects and designers who understand this ethos.  It is important to us that the new homes we build add to the existing character of a place and will enhance the area for generations to come. We also make sure that the new homes are well built and focus on using good quality materials inside and out.

Our sustainable outlook

We are working to ensure that the homes we build help to form sustainable communities. Our homes already have a number of features that seek to minimise the impact on the planet including reducing reliance on car use and promoting sustainable travel, reduction in water consumption, well insulated to minimise energy loss and many have solar panels and other renewable energy sources. Emissions from the heating and powering of homes makes up the largest portion of a Croydon resident’s carbon footprint, so we are already looking at ways we can prioritise the use of clean sources of electric energy and reduce or omit the use of gas infrastructure.

Engaging with our community

We are committed to listening to residents’ views regarding our developments. Pre-planning we run tailored exhibitions and engagement events to help inform residents about our proposed new sites; the events take place across Croydon and give people the chance to meet the architects on each scheme. We recently launched an online platform so residents can openly comment and share views on our proposals. Post planning, we host meet the contractor events and arrange regular newsletters and meetings with residents and contractors.

We’re running our first community led housing project working with a local Community Land Trust in Upper Norwood and are about to launch a new community approach to our programme in New Addington and Fieldway, enabling local people to get more involved in the design process.


Our schemes are typically on tough, suburban infill sites which present a variety of challenges, but the result means we build beautiful homes in unique parts of Croydon rich in heritage and diversity. By 2030, we should have contributed 5,000 new homes to Croydon.  Our principles of good design, social conscience and pioneering approach will stay the same, but in the face of the climate crisis, we will increase our focus on sustainability.

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