Together we can end homelessness

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. We are committed to ending homelessness.

We bring our knowledge, experience and determination to campaign for the changes that will solve the homelessness crisis once and for all. It is devastating that the work we do at Crisis is still necessary.

But it is essential that we work in partnership, with the council and others, if we are to end homelessness altogether and improve people’s lives for good.

We have already seen this work with innovative projects like the Migrant, Employment and Accommodation Scheme which has helped many people out of homelessness and into employment.

Our Skylight service in Croydon works all year round with people who are insecurely housed, at risk of homelessness or sleeping on the streets. From our centre on Surrey Street we work with thousands of people each year, helping them to rebuild their lives and leave homelessness behind for good. Our friendly experts can help with education and employment, health and wellbeing, as well as housing.

We need to make sure everyone can afford a safe and stable home. And yet more than 320,000 people are homeless in Britain today – a wrong that must be put right. We need to create more affordable housing, help people get good, stable jobs to pay for this housing, and strengthen the social welfare system so we all have the support we need to face tough times.

This year Crisis will again be providing a welcome to hundreds of guests in our Crisis at Christmas centre in Croydon.  We bring together a unique volunteer effort each Christmas, to bring warmth, companionship and vital services to people at one of the hardest times of the year and offer a starting point out of homelessness. You can support our Crisis at Christmas appeal by joining as a volunteer or making a donation via our website.

If you want to refer a rough sleeper for help you can contact StreetLink by calling 0300 500 0914, visiting their website or downloading their app on iOS or Android. If you’re concerned a rough sleeper needs urgent medical help, dial 999.

Homelessness is not inevitable. We know that, together, we can end it.

Tania Marsh

Tania Marsh

Director of Crisis Skylight Croydon

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